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Our company

Polyfibra starts its activities in 1997, dedicated to the sale of resins for the Plastic Industry and fibers for the textile market.

Over time, the company has focused and become an important and solid supplier of the Plastic Industry, offering a wide range of resins, chemical products and technical support to its customers.

Polyfibra is formed by an expert group of professionals, with solid knowledge, leading the Chilean market in providing a comprehensive service.

Polyfibra stands out as a distributor of large suppliers worldwide.

Exclusive distributor


We have the widest range of polyethylenes on the market, for all uses and applications.

Our PP products (both Homopolymers and Copolymers) meet a high quality standard.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, known as EVA, is a thermoplastic polymer that combines with any accessory or product of direct or superimposed application.

We have a complete PET line to cover the needs of our customers.

We have leading biopolymer products worldwide, coming from sugarcane, 100% recyclable.

We have a wide range of chemicals and additives, meeting the highest demands of our customers.